Rootstech2016 Bound

Woohoo, I’m going to Rootstech2016. This will be my first time to Salt Lake City. It’s a good think I’ll have my own personal guide. My fellow Dame, Lisa Marker will also be there and hopefully keep me from getting lost in the archives. Lisa has made several trips to the Family History Library and has some well thought out plans on how to make the most of your research time.
Back to Rootstech20126, the educational component is my favorite part. The conference is jam packed with over 200 classes available. Computer labs with hands on learning, keynote speaker to inspire, and the networking ……. So many like-minded people to meet and talk to.
The networking is my favorite part. I love finding out how others tear down brick walls or create and follow a research plan. It’s also a good way to find out what went on in all those classes you didn’t have time to attend.
Did I mention Keynote Speakers, my favorite part? Steve Rockwood, Paula Madison, Bruce Feiler, Josh and Naomi Davis (Taza) and Doris Kearns Goodwin are all going to be there.
Ok, I guess I’m just excited to be going to Rootstech2016 and visiting with vendors, people and the beautiful Salt Lake City!
See you there
Dame Sheila


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