Thoughts at the end of the year

2015 is about to end and soon we will  need to remember to write 2016 on all our documents!  It seems that everyone is either looking back at what the ‘old’ year was like or looking forward to that the ‘new’ year will bring.

Looking back, my year has been a whirlwind of events.  I hiked the Grand Canyon, slogged (my version of jogging and walking) 3 half marathons, started a business and found my bio father.   Some I planned and some just happened.  I’m rather fond of serendipity.  I’m also a planner.  The Grand Canyon trip was 8 months of research and reservations. In my world I believe both are very important.

Looking forward I already have two trips planned for 2016. One to Rootstech in Salt Lake City and another for my partners 50th birthday bash in Yarmouth, Maine. I have races scheduled and paid for as well as  several personal and work events on my calendar.  But I still leave time for the unexpected.  In spite of all the planning I do  I make time to cultivate the short attention span squirrel that’s so much a part of my character.  I may be following   a map but then “oh look, what’s that???” and off I go on another adventure.  Good thing is I can always reel myself back in and go back to that map.  Drives my partner a bit crazy but he’s gotten use to me.

So, for all you planners out there and all you who love chasing those bright shiny objects:

May your brick walls tumble, your inquiries be answered, your documents be digitized  and your adventures be plentiful!

Dame Sheila

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