We do not charge for the initial consultation to review and discuss your research project with you and to make sure we clearly understand what you want us to accomplish.

Each project is unique. A genealogist can’t guarantee how many hours of research will be required or that they will be able to FIND your ancestor.

Sometimes the information you seek has been destroyed, is missing or never existed.

Before I can tell you how I can help you I will need to know what documents you already have and then do a preliminary search to see if records are available. I would also discuss with you what your goal is and what questions you want answered.  This is a FREE CONSULT and gives me an opportunity to create a research plan that will include the time and quote for my research.

Sometimes it’s best to break down a large project into several smaller, more manageable tasks. You are in charge of the cost and number of hours. I will work carefully within you budget.

Once I have a plan I will send it to you for your acceptance, editing or refusal.

During the project it is important to stay in touch.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and I will often ask for clarification when I have a question.

The time need to complete a project is an estimate and is often governed by factors outside of my control. These may be waiting on special records requested from third parties, archive hours and client/researcher schedules.

It is important that you share any information you already have. I use dropbox for your convenience. Sharing the documents/certificates/information you already have will save on my research time and my duplicating research that you have already done.  This helps control the cost of your project!