Change is inevitable and occurs in our lives at regular intervals.  Sometimes it’s planned and sometimes it just comes about. I try to look at life as an adventure and look at change as a new chapter.

I’m telling you this because there has been a change in The Genealogy Dames.  My partner and friend Lisa Marker has decided to follow another path.  I think she wants to enjoy life at a slower pace.

The Genealogy Dames will continue business as usual and I hope to see you at an upcoming conference.  I also hope to convince Lisa to contribute to the blog now and then.  She has some wonderful ideas on House History.

So, I’ll end with a note from Lisa.

“It has been a wonderful adventure and a sincere pleasure to be associated with the Genealogy Dames! For personal reasons, I am choosing to take my leave, with many thanks to our clients, friends, and especially to Sheila Thayer. Her determination, business acumen and knowledge of genealogy is incredible!

I’d like to extend good wishes to Sheila and for the ongoing success of The Genealogy Dames.

 Thank you!

 Lisa Marker “



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