60 days until Christmas

 There are 60 days until Christmas (I know, it’s not even Halloween yet, sorry…).
It’s a good time to think about what you, as the family historian, might be able to provide to other members of your family in the form of gifts.

Just a few ideas:

  • The old photos, labeled properly, of course, with the Who-Where-When, in photo book form. You can restrict this to a certain branch of the family and include a lot of narrative, if you know things about those people that you have discovered through your research.
  • DNA test kits (after getting the okay from your relative). This won’t be a surprise, but you want to know that they are willing to do it. Then watch the website of the company you are going to use – very often they have sales close to holidays.
  • Jewelry – again, use a copy of an old photo. You could put it in a locket, or a clear pendant (check craft stores).
  • Write a short story about an ancestor. No need for it to be a whole book. Focus on one person, couple or family. Bring them to life for the reader, and if you have photos, again, include copies.
  • Also, what hints might you be able to give to other people, regarding what the genealogist in the family needs?

    This could be a long list, but:

    DNA test kit – ask for someone to pay for one for you (from the company you choose)

    Webinars – we would all love to go to lots of genealogy conferences every year. If you are unable to do this, maybe a webinar or two at home would work.

    Genealogy software – if you are just starting out, this will organize your thoughts amazingly! Check www.cyndislist.com – just search Software, and you will find lots of information and reviews.

    Subscriptions to pay databases, such as Ancestry.com, Fold3.com, genealogybank.com, etc.

    Books – well, admittedly, the Genealogy Dames would like you to check our website and look at the tab “Genealogy Bookshelf.” There are many, many genealogy reference books that researchers should have on their bookshelves. Your list will vary from others’ depending on what and where you are researching.

    There are many more things that could be added to this list. This is the time to think about it, though – getting a jump on the season never hurts!

    Dame Lisa

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