Complimentary Consult      

We do not charge for the first consultation to review and discuss your research problem with you and to make sure we clearly understand what you want us to accomplish. Once the scope of the project has been decided the fee is $28 an hour.

Initial Workup
This is the start of all big projects. It includes reviewing the client’s existing documents by conducting the preliminary research to support the information the client has provided and continue to work towards the research objective(s) the client has requested. An hour is usually allotted for this step.

Record Searching or Pick up
If you are in search of a particular document that might help fill a hole in your family tree, a record look up is just what you need. To save time and avoid travel costs The Genealogy Dames will find and review the records local to our area for you. We will review only the records you request.

There is no better way to get a feel for your roots than seeing it in pictures. The Genealogy Dames will take photos of your familial gravestones, ancestral village and other requests local to our area.

Tracing Ancestry
Need help researching one of your family lines back to a specific time period or individual? The Genealogy Dames can help you in tracing all of the descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.) of one of your ancestors.

Adoptee DNA Tree Building
Are you an Adoptee, confused about what to do now that you’ve tested and received your DNA results? The Genealogy Dames can work with you to gather information from your matches and build out family trees looking for relatives in common.


Just Time
$28 hour
Have a brick wall, or just need help with your current research? You can choose the number of hours of research you would like in 1-hour blocks.  Payment is expected in full for each block ordered.