Words from the Dames

Hello everyone!
I am the Genealogy Dames.  Just a  lady who loves puzzles, mysteries and digging around dusty old court house basements. I don’t even care whose ancestor I’m chasing.
The Genealogy Dames was started because of a love of information, the thrill of a good quest and partly because of my  significant other who was afraid the ‘honey do’ list would grow once I retired from my day job! I think he also mentioned something about keeping me out of trouble (good luck with that)
I have been ‘doing’ genealogy for about 20 years. This include a lot of volunteer work for various societies, state and county indexing projects and of course my friends. I won’t verify a relative without exhausting the search for primary sources and always copy any documents I find.
This is the Genealogy Dames first blog and I haven’t yet figured out what shape it will take. For now, I will simply use it to introduce my thoughts and  work and to let you share a bit of yourself with us.

Dame Sheila