Our Services

Genealogical Research
The Genealogy Dames offer professional research, from obtaining one document all the way to complete and in‐depth genealogical research of your ancestors.

The Genealogy Dames follow recognized and scientific standards of genealogy research. However, it is impossible to predict in advance whether research will produce the desired results. Because we put in the time and effort to do the research, we have to charge for time spent on research.  In this case, The Genealogy Dames will contact you and discuss options for proceeding.

Before starting research we will send you a draft research agreement for approval. The agreement will set out the objectives of the research, the number of hours you wish to authorize, terms of payment, the format and time-frame for reporting, and will include sections on ethics, privacy and copyright. Once you approve the research agreement and send payment, we will begin.

To prevent duplication of previously researched or known information we will request copies of any family group sheets, pedigree charts and other pertinent information about your ancestors’ families. Please include photocopies of any documents of prior research that have been previously obtained.

Research time includes travel, as well as telephone and email consultations with client.

Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are charged.

Reimbursable Expenses
Postage, photocopies, parking, international telephone calls, certificate fees, other incidental expenses charged at actual cost. Travel expenses- Car Mileage, if applicable, charged at the rate authorized by the IRS

For smaller projects, we will proceed with a letter of agreement. For larger projects, we require a formal written contract.

For your convenience we accept all forms of online payments, including credit-debit cards and electronic checks via PayPal. In addition, checks or money orders may be remitted via the US Postal Service to the address listed. If you choose to pay by check, we will wait for the check to clear the bank before beginning the agreed-upon activity.